Internal landscape


short film, 13 min

The sudden disappearance of little Ines becomes an opportunity for Anna to confront the unwanted vibrations of memories in her mind.

The project is an audiovisual statement which consists of film material, animations and a soundtrack. The situation takes the form of an immersive audio sphere, completed with visual images which constitute a hybrid of ideas about the Shadow, placed in the context of a given place and its memory, weakened by time. The whole project takes the form of a visual narrative.

Do places have their own memory? If so, what form does it take? Are the memories of place merely hermetic/inner creations of our imagination, or are they rather the collective ether of images?

cast: Wiktoria Dudek / Jakub Papuga

director: Mieszko Dobek & Maria Wolna
screenplay: Mieszko Dobek
3D animation: Mateusz Bratkowski
photos: Mateusz Józefowski
sound: Patryk Lichota

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