Timid beast


digital print, 13x15 cm

If you were brave enough to take evening and night walks around Czartoria (the historic street in Poznań’s Old Town), you could come across a prowling stray dog. It is said that it was first noticed there several dozens years ago, right after the Germans finished paving one of the neighboring streets with the remains of matzevot from a nearby Jewish cemetery. Although no one has ever documented seeing this four-legged phantom, the speculative character of the tale has been gradually dispelled thanks to multiplying witnesses and credible-sounding stories. What hides in the seemingly invisible layers of the space that surrounds us? What anomalies of reality can we see if we question what we are looking at?

Timid beast also poses a question about an object of blame. How necessary is it to locate the blame while we are trying to work through a traumatic past? Does the visualisation of our fears help us fear less?

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